ハギエンナーレ2013 “Third life”


展示タイトル:ハギエンナーレ2013 /Hagiennale 2013
“Third life”


「Third life」


「Third life」はまた「第三の生活」とも読むことができます。
SNS的なWEB上の仮想世界を、日常生活である「Real life」と対比して「Second life」と呼びますが、
さらにその先にある「Third life」とはいかなる生活空間であるのか、 このような視点から「Third life」をとらえることも可能です。
有り得べくもなかった「第三の人生」を歩みはじめてしまったHAGISOにおいて、 どのような余生が送られるのか、今後のHAGISOの活動も含めてご期待ください。


“Third Life”

The theme of “Hagiennale 2013”, HAGISO’s first exhibition, will be “Third Life”.

We can call the time from the building’s completion in 1955 and the initial phase of its use as
apartments, as “First Age”, and the ages of 2007-2012 when it was used as a “shared house” as “Second Age”.
So, we can call the new age of HAGISO from 2013 after it has been refreshed once again as “Third Age” or “Third Life”.

Usually, the expression of “The Third” contains the meaning of continuity, of “remaining”.

“The First” as the mainstream, “The second” as the anti-mainstream,
and “The Third” is used as “other” or “alternative”.
“The Third” is the time that remains and the space that remains, but
simultaneously, diversity also needs to be a part of it.
We hope this exhibition will be a chance to consider what this
‘remaining’ can manifest.

“Third Life” is also read as “The Third Living”.
We usually call the virtual world like SNS on the internet, “Second
life” compared to “Real life”.
So we are questioning whether “Third Life” can exist or not, and if it
does, what kind of space would it be ?

HAGISO has just started the impossible “Third Life”.
We look forward to the beginning of a new future for HAGISO.

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